Issue with server's dissapearing in docker UI

Hello there,

I recently installed the MineOS docker on my unraid server at home. I set up a server and was working on it for about a week. this morning I went to check if it was running before jumping on and playing, when i saw that my server was missing. all the profiles are still there and the server is still listed in the file directory but the web-ui says it’s not there anymore.

I’ve had this happen before… Sometimes restarting mineos or even simply (but rarely) refreshing the browser works. I would like a fix for this though as it does happen on occasion still.

If I can reproduce it, I can probably fix it. Any patterns you guys see for when this issue arises?

Any red flags in /var/log/mineos.log?

What server type was it, version, etc.?

If it’s of any help, the only time I’ve had this happen is when I manually copy/paste folders to a new Docker instance. They’ll come online if they’re set to auto-start, and I can even connect to them perfectly fine, but they don’t appear in the webUI.

It could potentially be permissions related, as servers not showing up tend to be for that reason, as it was for me during my initial configuration for no more than about 2 or 3 minutes.

I mean while it’s less likely there’s still a chance of it.

Refreshing both the web browser and the docker itself did nothing. I also went in and chomded the servers file to be accessible to anyone with still no luck. I’m using the latest version of the docker MineOS on unraid server. Also I never moved any files, just one day poof the servers were not listed anymore.

Ok I just moved the server file from the servers folder to import hoping that would work, it gave me the option to import it but never ended up letting me every time I would select import it would put me at the server page as if it was successful, but when I went to the dashboard to see if it had started it was gone again. So I moved the server folder back to the server directory folder and it suddenly showed up but without its jar file so I couldn’t start it up. So I restarting the docker and poof gone again.

any information on reproducing it that would be useful for me?

Are you able to verify that the UID of the user you’re logging in with matches the UID of the server folder and files within?

I can’t seem to find the log files. But the uid I logged in with is the same