Issue with server timing out non LAN incoming connections


I attempted to solve this issue through both the forums and general googling to no avail. I’m running a modded 1.7.10 server, and cannot get non LAN connections to work consistently. I have port forwarded the machine I’m using for a server, and have found that upon first boot, I can connect from non LAN networks. However, after being disconnected from the server for some time, I’m not sure how long, a couple of hours I think, I can no longer connect with a non LAN connection. This issue is persistent over restarts of both server and machine, and I’m at a loss for what could cause it. LAN connections do work correctly both while the issue is happening, and while it isn’t.

The exact error message on the non LAN machines is “ Connection timed out: no further information:”

I recently updated the webui due to a known issue of profiles not loading, but I don’t believe this caused it. I think I was having the same issue prior to the update, but at the time I did not think to investigate the issue deeper, so while it had a similar impact, I cannot say for certain that it was the same issue.