Iptables issues

Ive been having some issues with Iptables ives had to mess with it a few times to get it to work but every time my machine restarts it breaks again and its gotten to the point i’m not even sure how to fix it again… i have been using whats on here but isnt working now… http://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Iptables

Is there any way to correctly do this kinda new to the iptables stuff so any help would be nice like a step by step tutorial also i dont want to block any packets that are not tied to the ports

have you remembered to do this step? iptables-save > /etc/iptables-rules
and then
Applying rules on startup

/etc/rc.local is the boot-up script. Any user-specified commands may be entered here, such as iptables. iptables is already autostarted by default.
vi /etc/rc.local
Add iptables-restore < /etc/iptables-rules
Save and quit; reboot

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