IP misunderstanding

ok so, i am having trouble connecting and i do not understand which ip i am supposed to us when port forwarding, i’m sure it is a simple problem that i’m just misunderstanding. i have mineOS on a machine with VMware Vsphere. which ip am i supposed to use when port forwarding? do i search for it in the turnkey terminal? and when i port forward do i use my external ip to connect the the server?

When you are on the same LANas your server (Local Area Network) you use the local IP of your server (Ususally in the 192.168.. or 10...* range), both for playing and WebUI. You can fin your servers local IP by opening a shell (SHH or local log in) and use the command “ifconfig”

When you connect externally you have yo use the external IP adress given by your ISP. You can use a service like “whatismyip.com” from any machine on the same local network as your MineOS server to find that IP. To be able to connect like this you have to port forward the right ports from the external to the internal address. This iste have a great deal of information on how to do this, for a wide range of switches and routers : https://portforward.com/