I want to make a backup station

hello I would like to setup a file location so that when ever the server backups all the files i want it to back up to a network location how would I be able to do that. I am hosting a server on a dell pc with 16gb of ram using MineOS (latest)
Why I want to do this? Its because the “normal” backups back up on the Drive it self and what if the drive fails I have no more backups.
While if it back ups to a network drive I have that backup and I can restore to that.

There are a few basic approaches, which can be handled in numerous ways:

  1. Knowing MineOS backs up to a given directory, make that directory a remote mount
  2. Knowing MineOS backs up to a given directory, have Linux backup that directory to a remote computer.

I’d say #2 is more straightforward, because it requires zero modification of existing systems–it’s simply tacking on a backup at a given interval. There’s many sites that can explain how to do this more fully, do you have a specific question on how to do this?

SSH automatic remote back ups

Rsync is a popular tool for this, but even scp could do this too.

I want it to back up automatically to a disk station how could I do that? without a 2nd machine for the server

What’s a disk station?