How to restore /var/games/minecraft without reinstalling?

I was mucking around with a setup and through foolishness, deleted the /var/games/minecraft folder. How do I fix it?

Without reinstalling - that would be easy enough I suppose, but I was hoping to find its place in the ISO or a script that would just add that folder back.

Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty sure it should be as easy as restarting the mineos service or just your server altogether. It should recreate the /var/games/minecraft folder structure automatically. Of course, it won’t restore anything…

And even before that, I think mkdir -p /var/games/minecraft should be enough, too.

Doh! I thought there were unique contents in /var/games/minecraft (they’re gone now, so I’m not sure)

If there’s nothing that would need to be restored, then sorry to be a distraction! Nothing to see here!