How to change Web UI login credentials?

Hi, I installed MineOS following the instructions.

I have successfully installed MineOS, so that it automatically starts when I restart the server. The instructions are great.

When I access my.ip:8080, I make it to the login screen, but I can’t figure out the credentials.

I have tried loggin in using usernames ‘admin’, ‘mc’, and ‘tc’, with passwords ‘minecraft2010’, ‘minecraft2014’, and password left blank, with no result.

For more details please see this question on Arqade-StackExchange.

Is there a simple way to add a new user to the Web UI? I am using Ubuntu 14.04 on aws ec2.

MineOS uses the credentials that already exist on your server. It references the shadow passwords of the server, which means the same ones as you’d use to log in to the command line or SFTP.

‘admin’ is not a usable username unless you’ve created a user named admin. The same goes for mc and tc, neither of which will exist on an Ubuntu installation by default.

On Amazon AWS, you have likely created the password for root, but for any other users, you must create them yourself (in the way that Ubuntu would expect you to) and MineOS can immediately utilize it (without restart, etc).

Thanks it sounds like I just needed to create a new user and/or update my root password. I was able to get it working.