Help Need: How to have SSL for Web-UI


I’m new with MineOS. I’ve successfully deployed 6 servers in total, thanks to MineOS I am no longer haunted by the dreaded “Can’t Keep up” error massage.

I’m a bit stuck on how to make things secure, specially the Web-UI. I am able to do it locally without worrying too much since I know it’s within my Local Network.

I’m worried how if ever I am off site. Is there any tutorial you have for me to do this for my setup? I am a bit new with SSL, more like zero knowledge. If ever I can pull this off I’d gladly help anyone in turn for the community.

well unless you have an enterprise (business) class firewall its hard to “secure” fully as you say if you want people to be able to join your servers or you are doing remote administration, if your not hosting to players outside of your network you can make sure ports are blocked (not allowed) to access things from your public facing ip address. You could if supported by your router/firewall create ACLs (access control lists) this could be mac addresses, ip address, etc… but it all depends on your equipment