Help!Friend joining issue

Im new to all theese stuff.I Installed MineOs(by using VM).I can join my own server because of the ip but how do i let my friends join?Can i use ngrok?i tried to find the port foward setting in router webpage but it isnt there.

even logging in as an admin on your router you cant find the port forwarding?

Nope,i didnt find any related to port foward

what ISP are you using? I know that sometimes the port forwarding is quite hidden / named under something else that wont strike you, like UDP / TCP rules.
Edit: It can also sometimes be under the Firewall rules

im using maxis.
router model type:Archer C5v

do you have a NAT Forwarding page?

i do not have nat fowarding page

You dont have the “Forwarding” category with “Virtual Servers” under it?
Sorry, this isnt one of the routers i used previously

Nope,anyway will my server be online 24/7 eventho im not on my computer(shut down)?

if the server is on a VM thats on your PC, if the PC is shutdown so is the server

ouhhh,thanks for your help anyway ! :slight_smile: