FREENAS Issues with MineOS

I have installed MineOS (version 9.3.5) on my new FreeNAS server (version 9.10.2). It worked for a short bit, but after importing my old server for use on MineOS, I’ve found that MineOS keeps shutting itself off automatically. Every time I go to the plugins menu and turn it on, it shuts itself off almost immediately. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the MineOS plugin, and nothing changes. Any idea what might be going on?

Have you tried removing your old server from your NAS’s MineOS installation to see if MineOS stabilizes?

Did you try a test by setting up and starting standard new minecraft server before importing?

I suspect this is not a MineOS issue, but an issue with something in your old server that the FreeNAS version of MineOS do not like.

Without more informatio nwe cannot really be more spesific. Please provide logs, both from MineOS and from the minecraft server you are trying to run

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Thanks for your response. I have found out the issue with my server file. My server .zip archive had multiple versions of the .jar launcher in it. When I removed all the previous versions from the server folder, re-zipped it, and re-installed MineOS, the server uploaded without incident. It is now running smoothly, and MineOS has not yet crashed!

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