Find Global IP with regular MineOS OS

I seem to be in a predicament. I have installed the MineOS OS and I did not have a global ip for my server when I downloaded the OS. I did all of the steps an I even port forwarded the server but I do not have the servers global IP.
Any way i can get the ip without having to download another operating system and getting the ip?

I found it out by using puppy linux that i booted from a cd.

“global” ip addresses, or often referred to as your external/public ip address is not part of the server machine itself in most cases. Unless you have a special arrangement with your ISP (read as “pay extra”), you typically have one IP address that is allocated to your cable/dsl modem.

Your router (whether built-in or separate) then rewrites all requests so that your MineOS server, your desktops, and any other device you have on there can access the internet.

So, in the future, you can do any of these techniques to find out your public ip (without having to boot from a different distro) or you can also ask Google from any of your desktop machines.

Your ‘local’ server ip address is the one that starts with 192.x.x.x (likely) and can be found on any linux distro with ifconfig or from your router by checking the hostname tables.

thank you a lot, that is very helpful!