Error while updating WebUI

I am having trouble with mineOS not showing my server lists or profiles (it says to check internet connection and refresh profile list). So I am trying to update the webui, but when I follow the steps in
I keep getting errors. Here is a log of the most recent error:

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!

The log seems to be truncated at the top, and it doesn’t show any of the normal environment settings of your machine. What distro is this? Is it BSD-based?

12054 verbose stack Error: posix@4.1.2 install: node-gyp rebuild

This is most common on BSD installations but could happen anywhere else where gcc isn’t the normal compiler.

It may be necessary for you to force the compiler with a command like this from the /usr/games/minecraft directory:

echo "CXX=c++ npm install posix" | sh

Otherwise, let us know more about your server config and we can go from there.


Sorry for the super delayed response. Life got busy and I left this project on the side and forgot about it for a while.

Still having issues updating the mineOS and it’s honestly getting harder to remember what I have and haven’t done.

I ran the command you suggested from the /usr/games/minecraft directory and here’s the output log:

Let me know if any of that makes sense to you. Still not sure why I can’t get the MineOS to update, but I still can’t get it to detect any of my servers through it and the profiles page says “No Profiles Are Available; Check Internet Connectivity and Refresh the Profile List.”

103 verbose stack Error: posix@4.2.0 install: `node-gyp rebuild`
103 verbose stack Exit status 1
103 verbose stack     at EventEmitter.<anonymous> (/usr/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/npm-lifecycle/index.js:332:16)
103 verbose stack     at emitTwo (events.js:126:13)
103 verbose stack     at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:214:7)
103 verbose stack     at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (/usr/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/npm-lifecycle/lib/spawn.js:55:14)
103 verbose stack     at emitTwo (events.js:126:13)
103 verbose stack     at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:214:7)
103 verbose stack     at maybeClose (internal/child_process.js:915:16)
103 verbose stack     at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (internal/child_process.js:209:5)
104 verbose pkgid posix@4.2.0
105 verbose cwd /usr/games/minecraft
106 verbose Linux 4.15.0-43-generic
107 verbose argv "/usr/bin/node" "/usr/bin/npm" "install" "posix"
108 verbose node v8.17.0
109 verbose npm  v6.13.4
110 error code ELIFECYCLE
111 error errno 1
112 error posix@4.2.0 install: `node-gyp rebuild`
112 error Exit status 1
113 error Failed at the posix@4.2.0 install script.
113 error This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.
114 verbose exit [ 1, true ]

This is the end of your output, which signifies an error.

MineOS needs posix. Your node version is OK, but I’m guessing you’re having an issue with existing modules conflicting. So run reset_webui.js, not update_webui.js, because it’s not working.

Reset deletes old modules (/usr/games/minecraft/node_modules) and starts from scratch. Deleting that directory will suffice, too.

Make takeaway: npm install posix needs to compile without error. This isn’t a MineOS issue so you don’t need to check if the webui starts working after each command. Everything will simply work when npm install posix succeeds.

I did a clean install of the OS, and am still having the issues.
I can’t seem to get posix to compile without giving me errors. Straight from the clean install, I went to check and was having the same issues.

Here’s the latest error log: