Error obtaining Ip adress Instalation

When installing I get:

Failed to bring up eth0
Failed to bring up eth 1

I have both wireless and cable connections

In the configuration, using the eth1

error obatining ip address

udhcpc v1.20.2 started
sending discover

/etc/udhcpc/deaful.script: Lease failed:
No lease, failing
Failed to bring uo eth1

Please help


Please could you give use more information about the computer you use, the local network he uses (ISP Box, home router, local switch, direct crossover cable) and the parameters you enter for the interface.

At first sight, linux try to reach an DHCP server to get an IP but fail to succeed.
You could try to set your own IP parameters in order to ping the interface for a first step.

I also remember that MINEOS set up 2 interfaces (3 in fact with “lo” for localhost) for only one physical card.

I hope it will help you.

Static IPs are much, much more complicated than exploring the DHCP route. DHCP is immeasurably easy, but in his case, not getting an IP address is most likely due to his network adapter not being supported by the Debian kernel that Turnkey Linux (and thus MineOS turnkey) ships with.

Let us know what your network adapters are (you can find out with ‘lspci’ as root). It’s likely just an unsupported driver/proprietary, etc. If this is the case, the two options become:

  1. installing the driver, difficulty depends on who the manufacturer is)
  2. installing any other distribution of Linux which already has driver support installed, then do the simple MineOS-on-Distro installation script.

I am now using xubuntu with MineOS-on-Distro.
However my lan driver does not seem to work, I connect to the internet using a TP-link wireless adaptor.


Lan adaptor: Realtek PCI LAN 8101L

I have no ideia how to install the driver I got from Realtek xD

I am new to linux
Thanks for you time

Because you’re new to linux, I’m inclined to recommend finding a distro that supports your adapter out-of-box. That is to say, you should be able to confirm internet access before even worrying about MineOS scripts, etc.

If your xubuntu installation cannot get on the internet, we can safely deduce that the installation itself either doesn’t support that hardware or requires additional configuration. Getting it to support the hardware (driver downloads, kernel modifications, etc.) is not a newbie-friendly task. And additional configuration is difficult enough to get a grasp on, worse when it’s the internet connectivity being the issue.

For a new linux user, it is my recommendation that downloading and installing different distros until you find one that immediately recognizes your hardware will be less frustrating (even if more wasteful in dvd burns) than attempting as your first task in linux to get a usb linux driver installed without internet connectivity.

You downloaded xubuntu, which I assume is because it has a GUI, though you may also reconsider on that point too. MineOS provides a web-interface for you to use from your desktop so that your server itself doesn’t have to use resources to have a GUI installed at all.

So at this point, there’s now another decision to be made:

  1. do you need a gui? If so, you might be better served by running the server off your desktop you play Minecraft on (or some other Windows desktop you’re familiar with), where you won’t waste your time hunting for a distro that supports your hardware.
  2. if you don’t need a gui, stick with linux, but google whether or not your particular wireless adapter works out of box, so you can get right to the installing of Minecraft and MineOS
  3. if you want a gui and want linux, find out which distro supports your adapter out of the box and it will likely allow you to go right into the installation of the scripts again.

Long story short, you don’t want to do the battle with USB network adapters and drivers right now. If possible, use that onboard LAN and position your computer-server somewhere near the router.

Since you gave me the LAN adapter model, I can see that TRL8101L is supported by Linux. Did you say you tried with MineOS Turnkey first–with the usb adapter used or not used? Turnkey is based on Debian and should support this out-of-box, so try it without your wireless installed at all. If you see that your LAN can get an IP address, you’re set!

I would be ok using a non gui distro.

I cannot configure internet access using the lan adapter TRL81801L either on: Xubuntu, Ubuntu Server and MineOS Turnkey.
These were the distros I tested before.

I have no problem connecting the internet using a usb wireless adapter when the distro is installed.

If that’s the case–use any distro that will let you get right on (wirelessly). While Linux is still new to you, it’s better for you to only have to worry about “how to use Linux command line” rather than “how to configure hardware.” I must’ve read it backward because I was under the impression that you were unable to get internet access both wired and wirelessly.

At any rate, stick with your wireless adapter, learn and play with Linux, and get accustomed to MineOS. If you find MineOS matches your needs, we can (if you choose) see about exploring solutions to your driver issue.