Error - "Home/minecraft/profiles/spigot-1.8.8/ No such file or directory"

So basically, I just setup a SoYouStart Server (Switching from Kimsufi) and just finished finally installing the MineOS which is sort of working. When I make a profile, it says “home/minecraft/profiles/spigot-1.8.8/ No such file or directory”

I even tried the default Vanilla188 file, and it pops up with almost same message.

Are you using mineos turnkey, as you have tagged this post? If so, I’m not sure why you see that path at all, as that is not how mineos is configured from the ISO.

Also I’m confused. You say “make a profile”, so I’m guessing you’re using the old mineos turnkey ISO (is there a reason you’re not using the new one?), but also you point out the vanilla188 profile which doesn’t exist on the stock ISO.

Can you provide me with any information about how you installed and are trying to use mineos?

Side note, I’m not at all familiar with soyoustart. I can look it up later when I’m not on my phone but is it a safe guess that they have somehow installed and configured things on your behalf?

I didn’t know about the new ISO, and I don’t know how to install the new one. Got a link or something? I see the ISO file, but Idk how to install that to my Linux Debian Server. And basically I see that I have a problem with downloading the server jar file to the server using the manage profiles.