Dual nic issues

Can mineos os run dual nic? I’m trying to hook up one nic to a dmz and another one to my private network to manage and play on the server. I’m running into where I can’t access the manager side of things so I can’t start up servers and create new ones. I can putty into the server but can’t manage any servers on the server.

There’s nothing about MineOS (the webui) that would restrict dual NIC usage. There’s nothing about the distro (Debian) that would, either.

By default, the webui (as do minecraft servers) listen on interface which translates to “listen on all interfaces.” Most users of MineOS only have 1 interface, so it’s mostly moot.

For users of MineSO with additional interfaces, should still be enough, but what you’d need to adjust to manage it as properly as you’d like:

Change this and restart the webui to change the listening interface for the webui.

Change the value for server-ip in server.properties to change it on a server-by-server basis.

If you’re getting specific errors, however, you should share them, so we know precisely what to address.

Did the distro switch from turnkey to Debian?

Turnkey is basically a stripped down Debian, so most drivers and commands that work for Debian also works for Turnkey

What I think you are trying to do can be done, but at the router and not in the OS. I have a Proliant server with dual NICs as well. I haven’t setup a DMZ, however, the concept is your DMZ points to eth0 and have the router direct traffic for the WebUI to eth1 with port forwarding 8443