Do Not Try: Connecting to the Internet wirelessly

Foreworedit: Before we start, the title has changed on this thread. I’m no longer trying to connect with the AE1200.

I would like to connect my server to the internet with a USB wireless antenna. I own several (I keep losing them, buying new ones, and finding them again) so I have two others if the AE1200 really doesn’t work out.

I digress. I need help either a) finding a way to connect this computer with this antenna or my others, OR b) finding a competitive price on a powerline adapter. Running a 100ft cord is not an option presently.

I’m reallllly new to the Linux scene, but I’ve messed around with some stuff in the command line, updating the MineOS server with an Ethernet connection shared through my MacBook. That could never be permanent, because 1) I use the laptop for other stuff like writing this post, and 2) I can’t connect externally to the server this way.

That was lengthy, my apologies. Concision is not my strength. SOS. <= Save Our Server
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I have some news. It’s kinda neutral, as for right now. I found two PCI adapters, and plugged them in, and they both were picked up by the computer. The computer identified them as wlan0 and wlan1.

So, I have these great boons which I have discovered, but no idea how to use them! I only know they work because the computer which I pulled them from (pulled both from, mind you) runs Ubuntu, and connects well enough. I think the only bottleneck was the computer, and that it’s from c.2003. It came running Windows XP, but I changed that.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure these could work… upon the installation into the PCI slot, however, I noticed that one antenna-coaxial thing was bent. Yikes.

If I find anything else useful, I’ll plaster it here for posterity.

The above webpage says that the firmware of the device is incompatible with the Linux driver available “for” it. (with “for” in quotations because Cisco didn’t intend of its use on Linux, AFAIK.

I got the link to the driver from this page:

and I got the git thingy on my computer using git clone git://

I suppose the next step is to try and install the remaining PCI adapter. One antenna mount broke, which could explain its inability to function. XD
The remaining one is a Rosewill… something.
This is it:

0-0 they have linux drivers
brb, keep you informed

I don’t know how to install this. Heeeeeeeeelp.
I’m not sure if this is standard MineOS… stuff… or if I’m just lacking information on the ways of MineOS, but is MineOS only able to install drivers and the like via the command line? I really need someone’s help. Installing from repositories was easy enough, but now I just don’t know where I am.

I found a readme. It tells me how to do what I need to install my intact PCI antenna, but it’s in lots of confusing/daunting language. I wonder if I can post it here…

Nah, file type’s unauthorized. Screenshots!

Could someone interpret that to me? As in, tell me the stuff with some English in-between instructions. I would be so grateful. I’m going to leave this thread alone for now till someone comes along and picks up where I left off. Please post here with any developments on this topic.

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I gave in and moved my server downstairs to the router. Dissatisfied with the help here. Thanks.

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First of all, describe your network topology, like how you connect the server to internet. (You want to connect to router or another PC with Wi-Fi, or whatever chain you have)
Second, did it ever work with USB adapters?
And third, if you have wlan0 and wlan1 in system, you do not need drivers, you need to install wireless network, using your topology (connect to access point or install an ad-hoc connection, assign IP address(es) and so on)
And that’s definitely not an MineOS issue, BTW.

P.S. I just read your last reply - wired connection is best, especially for server, so you should start with it.

@siliconheart For posterity, let’s carry on with this thread.

Can we start with the third issue?
I don’t know how to install a wireless network. When you say topology, do you mean how my computer connects to the Internet? (rather, how I’d like it to?)

The current connection (wired) connects at least locally. I’ve tried playing on my server locally, and connecting gives me the “Authentication servers are down!” message. I take that to mean it’s connecting locally only. I have yet to test Dinnerbone’s server tool.

The… well, I won’t call it ideal, it’s less than that. The… backup(?) wireless connection would connect directly to my router, which plugs into a modem, which connects to the World Wide Web by DSL.

To be able to connect from elsewhere rather than your local network, you need to:

  1. Have dedicated external IP address (e.g. not shared with other DSL users) - that can cost extra $ from Internet provider.
  2. Have some (or all) ports open to external IP from outside (you’ll get it if you get (1) in most cases)
  3. Set up port forwarding on your router to DNAT some ports to your linux box.
    If you are OK with it, then:
  • Try to set online-mode= in to false to bypass authentication. And leave ip address blank there.
  • Try to do iwlist wlan0 scan , if you’ll find your router in output - you are close to create wireless connection.
  • Also try something from here

And… decide do you need wireless at server at all? I recommend stick to copper and forget about wireless. It’s for laptops/tablets/smartphones. Not for servers. But if you just want to learn wireless in linux… why not.

MineOS is Turnkey Linux with a Minecraft management system installed on it, which is what we really support.

The easiest way to get this going if you want wireless is to install MineOS on ubuntu (check the wiki for step-by-step).

If you have wlan0 and wlan1 and you want to persevere you will need to use wpa_supplicant to get it going. Do a bit of research and you could get it going. However, wired in is best.

Yeah, to heck with posterity. Posterity doesn’t need wireless; da struggle is not worth the time.

Thanks for your help @elpres and @siliconheart .

For all future readers: Don’t try and connect your server with wireless. It is a waste of time. Siliconheart said it’s not for servers, ElPres implied that one would need perseverance, and I’m just telling you don’t do it. Buy an Ethernet cable, and put the PC in the same room as your router.

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You can connect wirelessly, you just need another router to be used as a repeater, this method is also considered “fooling” your computer into being wireless. This can be seen in my “setup” video although there isn’t much info in it. You need a router that supports dd-wrt or just a repeater mode and then connect your lan port to the repeater after you’re done configuring it, it’s pretty easy if you know what you’re doing.

Here’s my video, skip to just before you see the blue Ethernet cable/blue wire: