DHCP Settings Not Loading On Reinstall

Hello Will, been a while since I have needed the forums, luckily!

I had been running Turnkey Linux on my KVM server for quite a while, with no issues. I recently did a fresh install of MineOS-node, and am having networking issues. I have configured the VM the same way, to my knowledge.

At first boot, TurnKey Linux Configuration Console comes up and tells me “networking is not yet configured” I click “ok”, and it allows me options DHCP or Static. Choosing either works, it grabs(or i enter) the info, it has me reboot, then it comes up and i am off to the races. However, at next reboot, its gone again and I have to go through the same process.

Any thoughts or ideas? Specifically, I am running MineOS through KVM, on unRAID. unRAID folks pointed me to the MineOS and/or turnkey Linux as the issue. I have 1 other Linux VM and 2 Windows ones which do not exhibit this behavior.


This one stumps me. In all my hundreds of installations of the MineOS Turnkey ISO, upon each reboot, the networking information always reliably stuck with either DHCP or static. I’ve never come across the issue you’re experiencing so I’m not sure what I can recommend for you.

Then again, almost all of my installations occur on VirtualBox or vmware vSphere…I’ve not really worked with unRAID, though I can’t imagine why it should matter…after all, the behavior you’re expecting should work at a higher level than the hardware itself. I’ll continue to think on it.

Keep in mind, too, that MineOS can be installed on any distro so if you suspect it’s Turnkey, you have plenty of other options…

Yeah, I have run your MineOS distro(s) since, well for years now, on many different boxes and software packages and never had any such an issue. In some tinkering, I set it to static again and immediately rebooted via putty command. For some reason that seemed to make it stick. Perhaps the libvirt shutdown command that always shut it down prior caused some form of issue with the networking… /shrug. In either case, shes working now!

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