Dell r610 mineos help?

i have a dell poweredge r610 running 2 6 core cpu and 96gb ram but for some reason when i try to install the mineos turnkey it does not get an ip configuration. any ideas or suggestions are a big help

it has 4 bcm5709 network cards

MineOS Turnkey is one of many ways to use the MineOS webui, which is the real substance of MineOS (the server management component). Turnkey is based off a Debian distribution (made for making distributions) and has a fairly wide, but not all-encompassing set of drivers.

A poweredge r610 is server hardware, rack-mounted. It might so happen to be that enterprise grade hardware–or more precisely–your bcm5709 cards, just don’t happen to be supported by the ISO.

Turnkey tried hard to include all that was in their target audience, but it seems your r610 didn’t make the cut (presumably because it’s far less common than most of the other deployment targets).

Since I’m unsure what distro would support your hardware that you also like, I recommend the following:

  1. find any distro that when installed, supports your networking cards.
  2. install the MineOS webui atop that distro.

R610s I believe would be supported by Ubuntu server and CentOS7, immediately, so those are good candidates to start with.

thank you [hexparrot] i may try centos7