Cron jobs created via webui not working

I have created 4 jobs using the schedule tab in the webui. None are working. This is a screenshot of what my setup is.

0 0 4 1/1 * ? *

Can you explain to me what you expect each of these to represent?

In the order they appear:

Restart the server everyday at 4am.
Announce that the server is restarting everyday at 3:59am by sending the command to the console
Create a restore point every two hours
Create a archive every 6 hours

Here is the site I used to come up with the syntax for the times CronMaker

I now reralize that that site gave invaild syntax and have it working by using Crontab Generator

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Excellent! I’m glad you were able to get that with just my question. I identified that you had too many numbers, but I felt like it would’ve been more educational if you ID’ed that issue personally. :slight_smile:

No idea how I thought, let’s try a diff site but it worked. I much prefer to teach people to fix their problems also.