Creating custom profile, UI functionality

Running MineOS 1.2.2, on turnkey. Downloaded it a week or so back. (The mineos plugin was versioned 8.3.3, so I’m guessing it’s a notably older release, perhaps? Or a significantly different fork/versioning.)

I am trying to migrate my install from a FreeNAS jail to a TurnKey VM. I’ve got a couple worlds migrated, but I’m having difficulty figuring out how to do a couple things due to the UI differences:

  • Under ‘Profiles’ there appears to be no way to create a custom profile (in this case, for Forge, which I had working under FreeNAS). On FreeNAS This is the most significant issue. There are only ways to download profiles for a bunch of mods we’re not using on our servers.

  • On the FreeNAS jail, I was able to change the port a specific server runs on. I don’t see how or where to set it within the individual server configuration page.

  • I moved the profiles/profile.config over (along with the full contents of the minecraft/ directory) from FreeNAS to turnkey, but the profiles defined in this file aren’t getting propagated into the UI. In fact, I don’t see a profile.config anywhere on the system other than the one I moved over - how is the UI profile list stored? Is there any way to migrate/integrate the old profiles into the new server?

Any help would be appreciated by me and my kids.

There are two different versions of the webui that are currently in existence. There’s one you’re familiar with, written in python–that uses profiles.config and the new one–written in nodejs–that does not use this functionality at all.

See these links for more information on profiles and why creating them is no longer necessary–or part of the new webui:

As far as the port for each server, this functionality is in the pane, just as before.