Copy Profile To Live Server Files Failure

I have MineOS (node js version) Installed on a Debian 8 base. Everthing appears to be working except the “copy profiles to live server files”. It copies over a zip of the FTB modpack and if I ssh into the server and extract it manually it works from that point forward, however I guess I am under the impression that it should do the initial unzip automatically. What could be causing this?

If your server files are packaged in a ZIP file, the place the ZIP file into the import directory. Log into WebUI and use the Import Server tab in the sidebar. You will need to give this imported server a unique name as it will create a directory of that name.

But the zip file was downloaded via the profiles tab in mineos. This is why I assume that functionality should be included. I literally used mineos profiles tab, selected FTB and then Beyond, hit download then selected it as a profile inside the server creation tab. It copied it but never automatically unzipped it. If the solution to create FTB servers is to manually copy files then what is the point to using MineOS, I have used it in the past without this issue so that some less tech savvy friends I have can setup and manage the servers.