Constant server lag

Me and my friends constantly get server lag, not sure why. But its been like this since snapshot 20w. I have 24 gigs of ram in my server and 8gb dedicated to mineos, and an older i7 with 4 cores. Any idea why Im having this lag?

Are you saying that you have 8Gb set for the XMX heap, or that the system has a total of that?
Are you running multiple worlds?
In the game, do you have a lot of entities loaded?
How large is your world(s)?
Have you checked the network bandwidth?

8Gb dedicated to minecraft 24 total on the system. It is one world with barely anything loaded on it. And how do I go about checking the bandwidth?

I would first use any speed test website, and make sure you are getting the service you are paying for. Look for high Mb/s values for upload and downloads, and low ms ping rates.

If the ping is high, then you can use the trace to see where the bottleneck is.
Linux: traceroute address
Windows: tracert address

yes, I am getting what I pay for. Any other issue you could think of?

How many clients connect at one time? Any particular time the system lags? Do all members experience the same lag? Are they getting lags as well?

Lags all the time, lags even if one person is connected. and all the lag is the same for everyone

Are you using the current ISO for MineOS, or is this on top of another distro?
Are you using a VM to host the server or dedicated bare metal box?
If possible, can you build another server, bare metal or vm, and see if that has any lag?
Can you try another network card?