Confirm MYSQL is actually on my server

Hi, I’ve been reqarding through these forums for anything on MYSQL. From why I understand MineOS come pre packaged with MYSQL?? With that in mind I’ve been trying to connect to it through the MYSQL Workbench with no luck. I’ve opened up Port 3306 as suggested but it wont connect.

Id like to be able to confirm that MYSQL is actually on my server first. Then figure out what the settings are to connect to it with the workbench. I’m not a coder and very little knowledge on jus how to go about this so please if you have an answer assume you are talking to someone that doesn’t know anything about and step me through it?


Because MineOS is simply Debian Linux, you’d check MysQL is on your server the way you’d check normallly.

Thanks, Did I mention I had no idea about any of this? So for me there is not “normal” way of doing things

So I just checked and it turns out I do have MYSQL in the server. Now, the next question…

Can I connect to this Version of MySQL on the Debian Linus server from my Windows PC that has MySQL Workbench?

Yes, though further steps will be required.

See the iptables page in the wiki. As you will see, only a few ports are accessible externally, but 3306, MySQL’s port, is not.

This is because typically MySQL only needs to communicate with the Minecraft server, and as such, does not need to be exposed to the internet/the rest of the LAN.

MySQL workbench, in order to operate on your LAN, will then need 3306 opened in IPtables. As the page suggests, such a line might look like:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 3306 -j ACCEPT

Test accordingly and save the changes afterward to have it persist through reboots.