Come posso connettermi da remoto a mineos

mi serve un tutorial di come connettermi al server di minecraft da remoto con i miei amici online

Sorry but I had to use Google Translate, so it may not be correct. I’m not sure if you need a tutorial to setup a server for your friends. For that, the wiki is a great place to start. MineOS Wiki

However, if you have a server already setup, then your friends will need to connect to ip address:port number


Hope this helps

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L’indirizzo ip c’è lo ma i miei amici non riescono a connettersi fuori dalla mia rete wifi

Make sure you have the router setup to allow the port to pass through. By default the only port open in MineOS is 25565, 8443, and 22.
If you are using other ports, then you will need to edit /etc/iptables-rules
Add a line after this:
:f2b-ssh - [0:0]
The syntax is as follows:
-A INPUT-p tcp -m tcp —dport *port number* -j ACCEPT

If you are using a range of ports then the port number needs to be formatted like:

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