Change or remove timeout session

Let me explain, when I’m on the webui for MineOS I like to see the cpu usage and look at the three servers I’m running and see if there are issues but when I leave the page it “freezes” and I need to refresh the page and log back in.

Is there a way to either increase the wait time or remove it altogether?

I have MineOS installed under Ubuntu Server as I found using Tunkey is a bit of a hassle when I need to update the OS itself with security patches or add additional software. IDK if that makes a difference or not.

Freezing isn’t a normal behavior. You should normally be able to keep the webui session open…for like, a long long long time. Longer than you’d probably spend in any given administration/play session combined.

So freezing is happening because of something else, can you share your /var/log/mineos.log?

It’s perfectly good for you to use the underlying OS of your choice, but Turnkey is Debian, which is what Ubuntu is based off of. Can you elaborate in which ways Turnkey made it more of a hassle than it’s sibling Ubuntu?

Here’s my log:

For using Turnkey, I ran into issues trying to update java to a more recent version and trying to change the default version would not work for me.
Adding other software/sources like a hardware monitor to allow me to see temps/disk usage and network usage from a remote connection kept failing to install when it was a Debian package.
I also had an issue trying to mount my flash drive for copying the server files when FTP wasn’t working and for whatever reason it kept mounting it as RO but would not let me access it at all.
In my 5 years of using Linux, never had this many issues where I could not work it out. I mostly use "sysable"buntu for my linux needs but I experimented in using Arch and I enjoyed that. Backtrack (before it was renamed Kali) and Puppy Linux for some under powered devices I have.

I’m just glad that there was a git install for MineOS.

Here’s a video showing my issue.

If you would like the full log, let me know as it’s 6mb.