Can't upload file to import folder

Hi, so whenever I try to upload a file to my /minecraft/import folder it just sais this thing that I can’t understand why it sais that.
Permission denied
Pls help I just wanna import my server, without some complicated thing (can I just get a fix for this if possible?)

You have chosen to install a webui that run on top of a linux OS with no graphical user interface. As the WebUI do not handle anything OS related, you need to learn Linux (more specifically Debian, since Turnkey is a streamlined debian) to be able to maintain your MineOS installation. This is not only reccomended, but an requirement.

Your error is due to what rights your user has on your system :

can I just get a fix for this if possible?

Nope. Since this is not a system error. It is the OS that handles users and rights.