Can't tether mobile data to MineOS

So basically I have terrible upload speeds on my home network (~0.4mb/s), so I have set the render distance only to 6, which makes the game look bad. This month I bought some mobile data (20mb/s up), so I thought it would be worthwhile to use some of it for my server and increase the render distance.

When I start USB tethering, under “Networking” I get the option to configure a network adapter and I choose usb0. But that ends up with this error:

non-zero exitcode (1) for command: ifdown ‘usb0’
ifdown: unknown interface usb0

What should I do guys? I also had the idea to put a pcie wifi adapter into the server and turn on a mobile hotspot, but that seemed like a lot more hassle than just tethering via USB.

So I ended up sharing mobile data to a wifi card, but then I realized I can’t port forward on mobile data, so no luck getting the server run on it.