Can't Start or Stop Any Server/World; Can't Create New Server

My MineOS install has been working great these last six months, but earlier today I went to start up a world I created a couple months ago… and it wouldn’t start.

I tried starting it multiple times but to no avail. I then tried stopping the two worlds that are set to start on boot, and they wouldn’t stop; I couldn’t kill them from the web UI, either. I looked into creating a new server, but that didn’t work. So I went and looked at the web UI page in the wiki and updated and then reset the web UI. After logging in again, all the same problems were occurring. the reset made no difference.

Currently, the web UI version is git commit: ab13105. Here’s the info the last two servers I tried to start or stop from /var/log/mineos.log:

{"level":"info","message":"[Herobrine_Mansion] autostart = false","timestamp":"2016-10-16T00:31:22.736Z"}
{"level":"error","message":"[Herobrine_Mansion] Aborted server startup; condition not met: true","timestamp":"2016-10-16T00:31:22.736Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"[SSC] autostart = true","timestamp":"2016-10-16T00:31:22.738Z"}
{"level":"error","message":"[SSC] Aborted server startup; condition not met: !up","timestamp":"2016-10-16T00:31:22.852Z"}

The server “Herobrine_Mansion” is the one that won’t start; the server “SSC” is one that won’t stop/kill. I also noticed the time stamps in those lines are about five hours into the future. They’re in sync with GMT/UTC. not my current time zone (CDT in the US).

Any suggestions?

It seems that simply restarting the mineos service (sudo systemctl restart mineos) fixed my problem.

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