Cant find script to install on Ubuntu server

Hey i wantet to install MineOS on my old computer to play with some friends. I saw a Youtube video about how to install MineOS on a old computer and wantet to try it they sayed i should use Ubuntu-server to do that. I installed all that and then they sayed i should copy a github link with a script to install MineOS that link should be on the wiki but i just cant find it the wiki in his video looked not even a bit like the one i can find here so is there another wiki or did you change the look of the wiki in the last few weeks? and where do i find this script?-The video i watched: Turn Your Old PC Into a Minecraft Server for FREE with MineOS! - YouTube

The wiki his is using in the video is the old wiki i cannot even find it myself because all searches just redirect to the new one which is

I can see all the old links on google that should take us to the old wiki. I guess the old wiki is going?

Is the old wiki but the page you need to reference was not archived

ok thank you, have you any idea where i can find the link to that script?

You could go to github and follow the directions or download the turnkey linux distro.