Can't figure out how to get profiles to start

fresh install of mineos turnkey on unraid.

got it all set up and created a server, download a ftb profile and that’s where it all fell apart.

i tried starting the server and the showed up so i tried that but it failed

so i ssh’d into the server.

the permissions were all root but i’m using user mc so i changed the user to mc:mc and added executable rights

manually ran the

then i tried to start it from the mineos webgui. it still failed so i tried the aceppt EULA from webgui and start, still failed.

started server manually, needed to accept EULA, did so manually,

again tried to start from webgui and failed

started manually and works fine.

what should permissions be, and where are log files for mineos located so i can see why the webui is failing?