Can't connect from other networks

I’ve been using MineOS for about 2 days now on my freenas server, and it worked perfectly when my friends and I were playing at my house, but today when my friends were trying to connect to it from their house they weren’t able to. I tried connecting to a different network and joining, but it didn’t work.

This is a multi-part problem and thr solutions depend on your network setup.

As your friends were able to connect to your server whilst connected to your network, your server is doing it’s job.

To be able to connect to your network from the internet, your gateway/firewall router needs either a static IP address that can be directly referenced or a dynamic IP address that could either be directly referenced between ISP renewals or referenced via a DDNS service with either your gateway or a conputer on your network maintaining the dynamic IP reference of your gateway in the DNS service’s records.

If your gateway allows ICMP packet acknowledgements (pings) from the internet, you can test to see if your gateway can be reached remotely.

If it can…can it be reached using the TCP port address? This can be tested using etwork tools in a similar manner.

If it can be reached, has your firewall be set up to accept remote connections on the port number and relay/masquerade the connection to from your internal server? This is critical.

Finally, consider your connection upload/download bandwidth. Is a remote connection feasible? Do connections have enough latency to not timeout?

Just some advise. Probably others have more to say. :slight_smile:

In order for “outsiders” to connect to your server, you’ll need to port forward (tell your router/network to allow connections into the network to your server) and you can verify whether you have it set up correctly by verifying with a site such as CanYouSeeMe (port 25565 assuming you’re using Minecraft’s default port). Also take note of the IP address shown on that site; that’s the address you and friends will need to connect to the server from outside the network (like from their houses). may be able to assist you in port forwarding if you don’t know how to do so.

awesome, thank you so much. I’m a bit confused about the port forward software though. can I do everything from there? or do I need to go into my router’s settings?

Honestly, I’ve never used their port forward software (since I use custom firmware on my router, and based on what I’ve seen, their software expects you to have stock firmware only) but I’m pretty sure you’ll have to go into your router’s settings to make changes.

Yeah, the software they provide is strictly optional (and personally, not recommended). Anything you get from should be just information (and hopefully tailored specifically to your exact router).

The only thing required to be modified is the port forwarding config on your router.