Cannot start any server. [ERROR 1]

Hello! Sorry if I miss something, I’m new here.

Ever since a few days ago, any server I have won’t start. Even if I create a new one and re-download the jar, it doesn’t start. It always pops up with, “[Server] start failed 1”

It may be a permission problem, but I’m not entirely sure. This all started when I did apt update && apt upgrade
I can start the server with java -jar <JARFILE>, but I cannot through the webui.

mineos.log: Pastebin

EDIT: Forgot to mention that this happened today after I updated the webui through the convenience scripts as well.

EDIT EDIT: Sorry for so many edits. I also forgot to mention that I am running the Turnkey 64 Bit version.

What about the Minecraft server’s logs? I’m not really seeing anything helpful in the mineos.log, maybe you can try using the reset convenience script as root to see if that fixes it? Also, apt update and apt upgrade (and apt dist-upgrade) are separate from the web ui and should not have an impact on anything apart from I guess small nodejs updates that don’t/won’t break anything as well as Java updates if/when available; the web ui itself really is only affected by the convenience scripts or manual executions.

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My first suspicion is that you accidentally re-owned files to root, because apt update and apt upgrade require root. Following that, if you attempted to start the server _without switching to your non-root user, files would be created/modified (re-owned) as root and any attempts from other users (such as mc) would fail.

Best guess, as root: chown -R mc:mc /var/games/minecraft/servers/[servername]

Then make sure you go into the webui as your non-root user again (e.g., mc) and start the server there.

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Sorry for not responding. I decided to reinstall MineOS since other things just haven’t been working for a long time, and when I first started using MineOS, I didn’t even know how to use Linux. I’m guessing this problem is a result of my poor skills a few years ago. Sorry for making a whole topic, just to abandon it.

i had attempted this for my version of this error. using your command allowed me to run the world but permissions were not quite right and the world was regenerated. to fix this i used the following command:

chown -R 777 /var/games/minecraft/servers/[servername]

for anyone else wondering how to fix this issue, a user on another thread posted a very helpful walkthrough which i was able to follow:

NOTE at the end you see the user suggest using:
chmod -R 777 Import_World

please, if youre on FreeBSD, use the full file location as i have shown above and run this from within the jail the mineos plugin is installed.