Can you make Linux Live USB?

Can you make a live USB version?

Yes, and no; last I checked the pre-configured ISO images were already live-USB-capable. All you’d have to do is create another partition at the end of the drive, throw in a couple commands on every boot (unless you manage to change/modify the image itself), and you have yourself a live-USB. The commands you’d throw in would be something like

sudo -i
rm -rf /var/games/minecraft/*
mount --bind /var/games/minecraft /dev/sda3/

That last command will vary upon how you have things set up and configured for the most part. But, you could also just simply install the OS to a USB flash drive and unlike Windows for the most part everything will work perfectly as it should, even if you moved from computer to computer unless the ISO lacks some driver of importance, such as the Ethernet driver which in that case you can install another Linux OS such as Ubuntu and then MineOS on top which will work just the same or sometimes better.

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