Can Access Webui and WebShell but Cannot access the server itself


I have setup the server according to the tutorial given on:

In the video, after installation is complete, I have to access the IP from my browser. But, I always get a connection error when I try to do this. At the initial console during startup, I saw the WebUi and WebShell address and attempted to connect to those addresses for which I was successful.

The MineOS is installed in a separate old server computer. I have also tried to add a packet filtering rule using the webui that allows anything. It doesn’t seem to help.

Another observation I have made is that I can ping other devices in the same network using the ping command in the terminal. However, when I try to ping the server from other devices, I get a request timeout.

Any Idea what is going on with my installation?

Are you using the MineOS Turnkey installation?

Does any connectivity work? Like, can you ssh your MineOS server? What did you set your MineOS host’s networking info to?

I can try to ssh into the server but every time I try I get a permission denied.
I even changed some settings in the sshd_config file in the server. For example:

  • PermitRootLogin yes
  • PasswordAuthentication yes

Both of these didn’t help me.

At this point I have attempted a clean install, so far nothing has changed.

Other forms of access are the ones I mentioned before where I can use the ports reserved by turnkey linux to access the web terminal and web gui of the system.
I set the networking options in the main config that pops on to startup to DHCP if that’'s what you are asking.

Funny thing is the server itself can do anything. It can ssh into other machines and even ping them. But when I try to access the server, permission denied.

Update on my last try. I changed the config but forgot I had to restart the service. I can now ssh into the server. I will update on any further developments

I’m thinking that maybe the service that is required to run the interface for the minecraft server (in my case is not running. The network seems to be fine. I can ping to google’s IP from the server. Can this be a possible problem?

I checked all the packages that this website specifies:

They are all present.
However, I require systemd packages to start the system which apparently is not included with the installation. Trying to find a solution to this.

Well try the following:
cd /usr/games/minecraft
supervisorctl start mineos.js
If this returns service started or error already started then try to go to your browser and write:
if this gives back connection timed out then check your iptables --list