Better way to manage different servers?

For now, the server management needs to click the name on the main page(dashboard), and use the left main menu (where the host setting and server setting) to select different setting tasks, which it is quite not convenience to switch between different servers. It might be better if you put the server names on the left main menu and having sub-menu on the right column or do some on-page pop-up since you are going to change to js (namely jquery). Thanks! This Webui has being my favorite since I found it.

This was a fundamental design decision early on, but the answer is unfortunately not black and white in terms of better/worse.

For example, many users only have one server (or at least, only main one server), in which case it is far more valuable for the bulk of the navigation real estate space to allow easy switching between the different maintenance options, e.g., restore points, archives, etc.

Some other admins may be running more server, in which case–just like VirtualBox, for example–they may prefer to have easy toggling between servers on the left nav. This would then require all the per-server navigation to happen in the remaining right-side of the screen.

Ultimately I decided that admins would best be served by having easy access to each server function–and if an admin really wanted to do the same function for each server, he or she can switch servers in the upper right-hand corner (click on your username and select your new server).

Hopefully this works as a good compromise!

If the servers were on the left we could make a tabbed server information pane, possibly.

Any layout is possible, and there’s nothing prohibiting having many layouts, both entrenched in different stylesheets and different html pages, but it all comes down to available workforce. I’m aiming to maintain pretty much exactly the existing layout (for familiarity, but more for reduced workload), but I can accommodate and assist in different front-ends.