Bad backup/restore

I am both making restore points and archives. If I restore a restore point my personal inventory is returned, but my changes to the world are gone. I just also did a “Stop and backup” after creating a restore point and archive, BUT something happened where it undid all the work I did in the world. After I restarted the game, I was in the same spot I quit the game,but the “Noob Tower” I created just before the “Stop and Backup” was gone, as well as all the work I did on my mine and house. HELP I keep loosing work I have done in my world.

Both backup and archiving handles the physical files on disk. It sounds like your server are not saving to disk before the backup/archiving operations.

A workaround is to do a /save-all in game after each session (or as often as you feel it needed), this forces your minecraftserver to write all files to disk.

As to why it do not write to disk often enough, I do not know.

well it seems like my problems stem from using the mineos plugin on freenas…I have a dedicated server now and use turnkey. I save-all every 20 minutes and autobackup every 30, all is well