Are you still making new distros Will?

Are there any new plans for any more? I love the Turnkey setup and I can see how it’s “Enough” so I am just asking.

Thanks again for all you hard work

Distros? Maybe not.

MineOS Turnkey is well suited with MineOS-node because of the single-host nature of the setup. But even then, MineOS Turnkey doesn’t have the necessary hardware compatibility that is required for the wide variety of computers MineOS users use.

To that end, I mostly moved to making a distro-agnostic webui–one that could be used with Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, etc. equally.

So while MineOS Turnkey will likely continue to be updated with the MineOS-node webui, it’s unlikely I’ll be releasing anything further that would be considered a distro, unless you can think of a compelling use case.

Side note, I’m working on a new webui (one written in ruby), but this is also not intending to be distributed with a distro and instead just be installed-atop-a-different-distro.

Thanks for the reply, I really like your work. To few people get recognized for the useful stuff they make. Looking forward to seeing the new webui, I hope it’s not a nightmare to code.