Anyway for Node gui to read a different log?


Is there anyway that i can get mineos to read a different log in the dashboard, as i have a forge server and mineos only reads the “latest.log” which doesn’t give all the information from boot up and such, also when you have items missing you don’t get it in the dashboard.

I have to go to ftp and grab “fml-server-latest.log” to see why it had stopped. Is there anyway to either have a option to to see a different log or a feild that we can enter which file for it to read from?

I gather that the log page is based on vanilla servers as they only have the “latest.log” in thier log folder



MineOS already reads more than just latest.log, see the code here at 504

The biggest problem with adding the fml-server-latest.log/ForgeModLoader-server-0.log which at one point was in the webui, is that the log gets unmanageably huge. And the webui isn’t designed for that, because nodejs isn’t very well designed for it either.

When node wants to send files, it has to load the file in memory and then transmit it. This file can be variable in size and sometimes can get really, really large. This was the original reason I had to take it out of the webui.

I think I might be able to re-add it, but please note, because of the variable, non-dependable size of forgelogs, it is highly likely you will only get to see new lines produced in the file since your webui session started. The threshold the webui is set to is 256kb, which is the size the file can be up to to be transmitted in entirety. Any file sizes above 256kb really should be viewed from SSH or SFTP because the webui, anyway.

But new lines should be enough because if you’re starting the server from the webui, they’re all new lines. So hopefully that will fit the bill.

if it could be added that would be great, even if it’s a button to change to the log to view it, and keep the standard log view still there.



It turned out to be harder than i thought to make this code cleanly handle X log file. But all is not forgotten. I hope to push tomorrow another stop gap, just manually adding it to the webui as I did with proxy.log.0