Am I missing how to see how much HDD space I have left?

In the last version of MineOS Turnkey I ran I was able to see how much HDD space I had left. I’m now running MineOS-nodejs Since I run a solid state HDD and space is important to keep track off, and I run four servers at once thinking of starting a fifth one. Right now I delete the back-ups after they are 24 hours old, would like to keep them longer if possible.

I removed the HDD gauge because it was often misleading different users with multiple partitions. It wasn’t uncommon for users to symlink /usr/games/minecraft (archives or backups) to a completely different drive. Or the servers directory to an SSD.

At any rate, the HDD gauge only told the remaining space for /usr/games/minecraft, which varied in usefulness to different users.

Because of this confusion–and that people were complaining “but I have space still”–I removed the gauge. This is in hope that users can instead rely on much better utilities like df to give them 100% accurate, appropriately-listed hard drive usage and free space.

So, to answer your question, you want to use the utility df from the command line. The webmin tool will also do this (the web server on 12321).

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I never used the webmin tool on the older version, I just set it up and I can see just what I need to see so I can figure out how long I can keep my files before the drive is too full, Thanks