1.8.9 Profile?

Hi all,

Noticed recently that the client was updated to 1.8.9, which appears to be aimed solely at optimizing connectivity to Realms.

I don’t appear to have 1.8.9 as an option in my “profiles” section in MineOS. Is this intentional (as in, Mojang didn’t release it), or should it be appearing? Even though Realms of course has no impact on MineOS I’d still like to keep the version up-to-date, if applicable.


1.8.9 should show up automatically, since it is part of the official Mojang list. However, if your current profile list was assembled prior to 1.8.9 existing at all, you simply need to refresh it:

Other ways 1.8.9 would show up include:
a) if you restarted the webui
b) if you restarted the host machine
because each time the webui starts up is when it checks the external URLs for the most current profiles.

Thanks! I didn’t realize that was how to update the list.